Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz – Sneaker Reviver
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz
Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz

Premium Magic Blue Sole Sauce 4 Oz

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          I am proud to bring you my very own Sole Sauce Called Sole Reviver !

  • Sole Reviver Is Composed of 15 Key ingredients, it is the most Advanced deoxidizing agent on the market
  • It Can be used to deoxidize rubber soles, tabs, pods, as well as YELLOWED icy soles!
  • It Is Safe to use on any translucent sole, including glow soles, and will not effect glow properties !
  • This is the best Sole Sauce you can find on the market. 4 oz bottle is good to restore 6-8 pairs depending on condition
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 Please read each step and recommendation carefully before applying the Sole Sauce. A restore can go from bad   to worse quickly if you’re careless!  Please contact via email for any questions regarding this product.  

  • Step 1. Clean Yellowed Soles

Clean the soles with some soap and water and a nice scrub brush   

We recommend Dawn dish soap and a soft scrub brush. Dawn is a nice grease cutting agent and is cost efficient!

  • Step 2. Sauce Application

Safety First  Be sure to wear gloves, protective eye wear, and a mask for safe measure.  If it gets on your skin or in your eye, rinse thoroughly.

Prep  I recommend applying the sauce by using a paint brush that’s about 1 inch thick. Some people feel more comfortable using a toothbrush.  Using a brush allows you to apply the sauce smoothly without worrying about splash-back from the bristles. 

            We also have the sauce in a more open container such as a cup. So it allows us to dip the brush and apply easily. Don’t worry about pouring too much sauce in the cup, you can simply cover the cup with saran wrap and use it later.

Apply   Apply the sauce using a brush and spread throughout the icy portion of the sole. You can use it on the entire sole but if that portion of the sole doesn’t need to be iced, there is no need to waste sauce. The sauce is rather thick, but that is its magic. So be sure to cover the clear/icy portion of the sole almost completely. Saran wrap the soles after application to keep the sauce moist on the soles which allowing for more effective sessions.

  • BAKE - There are a few ways you can go about doing this so we will explain both methods.

 Sunlight: Higher risk, best results 

To reduce the risk of sole separation, we recommend literally icing the shoe. Fill a rubber ice bag with a few ice cubes and some water and stuff it inside of the shoe and tighten the laces a bit on the shoe to keep it secured in there.

  • Change the bag of ice every so often depending on how hot the weather is that day. Change it out every half hour to an hour if necessary.

            x          Face the soles upward towards to sun (Duh!)

            x           We also recommend heavy monitoring of the shoes just to ensure all is well

             x        Test the limits of your shoes by doing on 1-2 hour sessions at first. You don’t want to just throw your shoes out in the sun for 8+ hours on the first go round.

 UV Light: Safer, but takes more time 

After you’ve applied your sauce, simply place them under the UV light and wait for results. You want the lights to be at a safe distance to prevent sole separation from the heat of the light, but also be at a distance where it’ll be effective. Repeat steps 1-3 until you’ve gotten the desired clarity. Keep in mind, icing soles is not an instant job and some jobs require 50+ hours of work. Be patient and keep at it. Best way to notice results is to do one shoe at a time.


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